Education and Workshops

Trans 101 and Inclusion Workshops

Workshops for communities across the East and West Kootenays about trans identity, allyship, LGBTQ+ terminology, and professional development on best practices for serving the transgender community for workplaces and service providers. Trans Connect also presents post-secondary level presentations to college and university classrooms for medical and nursing students, social work and social service worker programs, and sociology or women/gender studies environments.

SOGI for K – 12

Trans Connect supports teachers, classrooms, schools, and students access age-appropriate education on topics like sexual orientation, gender identity, human and family diversity, and healthy relationships. This involves supporting the creation and maintenance of GSA groups, delivering in-class presentations to students, supporting teachers with curriculum development, and connecting with students on-on-one to provide support and resources.

Policy Consultation

We can support your organization in developing knowledgeable, trans-positive policies and guidelines. We can also provide one-on-one consultative support to service providers hoping to increase trans-competency in their organization or practice.

Support for Parents and Family

Trans Connect supports parents and family members of transgender or questioning people in one-on-one or group environments by providing information and resources around trans experiences, allyship, and creating pathways of connection to other families with similar experiences.