Trans Connect is a health and community program supporting transgender, non-binary, two spirit, intersex, and gender diverse people in the East & West Kootenay regions.

We believe that:

  • You shouldn’t have to live in the city to access trans-competent care.
  • Diverse gender identities are valid and a natural part of human cultures and bodies worldwide.
  • Access to hormones, surgeries, gender-affirming garments, and other trans-positive healthcare options are a matter of harm reduction, personal choice, and should be available to all individuals through informed consent.
  • Community support and belonging are foundational for the overall health of all people.

We offer:

  • Community education, workshops, and consulting for service providers, businesses, community groups, and schools to increase allyship and awareness about the transgender community. (All free of charge, or by donation, and flexibly designed to meet the needs of your group.)
  • Community support groups and events for LGBTQ2IA+ youth and trans, two spirit, intersex, and gender diverse community members of all ages to support togetherness and health.
  • One-on-one emotional and practical support (in person or online) for gender diverse people and their families around healthcare navigation, ID changes, coming out, confidence, overcoming dysphoria, and achieving their wellness goals.

Need to get in touch?

Email Nicola Hare (Trans Connect Coordinator) at ankorstransconnect@gmail.com

Email Jen Ross (Trans Connect East Kootenay Outreach) at ankorstransconnecteast@gmail.com

You can find our Facebook page at facebook.com/ankorstransconnect

Leave a message at ANKORS: (250) 505-5506

Donate to the Christopher Moore Community Fund supporting trans and gender diverse people: by etransfer to: finance@ankors.bc.ca
or by PayPal (please specify or choose: Christopher Moore Community Fund)